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Smart Viera E6

Official video: Panasonic Smart VIERA 2013 – E6 LED TV

Video of Panasonic’s E6 Smart Viera LED TV with thin bezel, My Home Screen interface and 178 degree viewing angle. This is an official video.

fruit splat1

Fruit Splat Review

Fruit Splat is one of the latest in a stream of simple puzzle games to have hit smart TV’s. They’re an obvious fit because of how easy they are to control on a…


Panasonic adds twin HD tuners to Viera TVs

Panasonic has unveiled a new addition to its Viera Smart TVs. The higher-end models in the Viera line will now come with a pair of HD tuners to allow simultaneous watching or recording.


Panasonic: 3D investment “hasn’t really worked”

A senior Panasonic executive has admitted that the company’s heavy investment in 3D has not been effective.


Darts Review

Darts is a simple enough game that it could easily be replicated in video game form. But being so simple most of the fun comes from the skill and physical action of throwing…


Push ‘em Penguin Nite Review

Despite not being part of the PlayJam app, Push ‘em Penguin Nite is developed by the same company. That means you can count on two things. That it will be free and that…

Push em Penguin1

Push ‘em Penguin Review

Push ‘em Penguin is one of a number of free games currently available through the PlayJam portal, unfortunately it’s also one of the ones that most forces its ‘freemium’ business model down your…


Bolly Mixtures Review

Bolly Mixtures is a match-three game. Often that’s all you need to know to decide whether you want to play it or not, but there’s more to this one than most. Free games,…


Slingo Review

Maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t see the point of this game. It’s not that it’s poorly executed, but that I just don’t see the point of it on even a…

star battalion1

Star Battalion Review

Imagine piloting a high tech star fighter through dusty canyons, destroying armoured robots while outmanoeuvring enemy ships, barrel rolling and dog fighting your way to victory. Now imagine doing all that with a…


PlayJam Service Review

Free games are great, precisely because they’re free, but they also tend to have short lived appeal for much the same reason. PlayJam has a solution to that. More than just being a…


ABC for Kids Review

Games for toddlers are universally simple. They have to be, as young children lack both the dexterity and understanding required for anything remotely complex. However ABC for Kids takes this simplicity to whole…

Mine Sweeper1

Mine Sweeper Review

When did PC’s stop coming with Mine Sweeper? I just checked mine and apparently it’s not on it. No matter, after all why play it on your PC when you can now play…

Holedem Connect1

Holdem Connect Review

There are already two poker games available in VIERA Connect’s small games library, as well as several other card games. At this rate it runs the risk of becoming saturated with them and…


Hangman Review

Hangman is a bizarrely popular game. There isn’t much to it so it’s unlikely to entertain anyone for long, but as all you need is a pen, paper and at least one other…

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