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LG joins 4K price cutters

LG has reduced the prices of several Ultra-HD 4K TVs, following the lead of Sony and Samsung.


Samsung dropping 4K prices

Samsung is to join Sony in cutting the prices of its Ultra-HD 4K TVs.


PlayStation 4 launch dates confirmed

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will launch on 14 November in the US 29 November in Europe.


Sony to fight Xbox One with own TV plans

Sony plans to beat Microsoft at its own game by launching paid Digital TV services for the PlayStation 4.


Sony to cut Ultra HD prices

Sony may be about to slash the prices of its Bravia X9 Ultra-HD TVs.


Sony files new Google TV device

Sony has made an FCC filing for what looks like a new Google TV device.


Sony trademarks PlayStation TV

Sony has filed for a trademark for “PlayStation TV.” Could this mean a new streaming video service for its consoles?


Sony offers 4K future-proofing reassurances

Sony’s 4K TVs are future proof and will not be made obsolete by any upcoming changes to the 4K standard, a spokesman has claimed.


Sony’s 4K media player launches in US

Sony’s FMP-X1 4K media player will go on sale in the US on 15 July.


Sony and Disney to offer piracy-busting movie streams

Sony and Disney have come up with a novel method of preventing movie piracy – letting people watch movies.

Sony updates Google TV Internet Player

Sony has a new version of its Google TV-powered Internet Player box which adds new features including voice search.


Sony PlayStation Store tests faster video streaming

Sony is testing a faster method of streaming online video for users of its PlayStation store.


Sony Bravia X9 4K TVs dated and priced for UK

Sony has released the launch date and pricing for the new Sony Bravia X9 4K range of  TVs.


Sony and FIFA to trial 4K live football

Sony is working with FIFA to trial the live broadcast of football matches in full 4K Ultra HD resolution.


BBC to trial 4K TV at Wimbledon

The BBC will work with Sony to trial the use of Ultra HD ’4K’ equipment at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.

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