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UK Govt wants ‘unregulated content’ warnings on Smart TV

The UK government would like Smart TV programme guides to help viewers distinguish between ‘regulated’ and ‘unregulated’ content,  as laid out in its new communications strategy.

Samsung Unveils Evolution Kit at CES 2013_1(1)

Samsung plans developers conference

Samsung is to host a developers conference for coders interested in its various hardware and software platforms, including Smart TV.


Samsung AR Simulator shows you how a virtual Smart TV will look

Samsung has released an Android app that uses Augmented Reality to show you what a Smart TV will look like in your living room.


Early adopters unhappy with Smart TVs says report

Smart TVs are not living up to the expectations of early adopters and losing out to tablets, smartphones and other connected devices according to a new report.

ITV player

ITV Player comes to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TV owners can now access ITV Player via an app, bringing catch-up TV from all four ITV channels to the platform.


Samsung launches Evolution Kit globally

Samsung has finally released its Evolution Kit Smart TV upgrade around the world.


UK viewers not hooking Smart TV up to internet

UK Smart TV owners lack a ‘conscious desire’ to connect their TVs to the internet, despite a general willingness to access the net via other devices, says a YouGov survey.


Samsung launches ‘epic’ ad campaign for Smart TV

Samsung is determined to push its Smart TV platform and is pumping a rumoured £14 million into spreading the word.


BT: Smart TVs no threat to IPTV

BT doesn’t believe that smart TVs are a serious competitor to set top boxes, for the time being at least. Alex Green, director, TV for BT Retail was talking to Broadband TV News,…

Smart Viera E6

Official video: Panasonic Smart VIERA 2013 – E6 LED TV

Video of Panasonic’s E6 Smart Viera LED TV with thin bezel, My Home Screen interface and 178 degree viewing angle. This is an official video.

LG Gadget Show Live 2013

Official video: LG Smart TV at Gadget Show Live 2013

Coverage of LG’s 2013 Smart TV collection shown at Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, in April 2013. This is an official LG video.  

LG MT93 Personal Smart TV

Official video: LG MT93 Personal Smart TV

A short preview of LG’s new MT93 personal Smart TV, due for release in Europe in early 2013. So far an exact release date and retail price is still to be confirmed.


Samsung Smart TV – 2013 range with Evolution Kit support

Spending a thousand pounds or more on a new TV is quite a big investment, so it’s vital to find the right set to suit your needs today and the years ahead. Samsung’s…


Huge rise in TV Internet access

The amount of internet access conducted via connected TV or set top box has increased hugely in the last year, says a new report.

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