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Netflix has over 1.5 million subscribers in the UK

Netflix now has over 1.5 million UK subscribers to its video on demand service and may soon hit two million.


Netflix smartens up instant queue with My List

Netflix is revamping its Instant Queue to-watch-list by rebranding it as My List and adding the ability to automatically prioritise films and shows based on your viewing habits.


Netflix user profiles starting to appear on Apple TV

Netflix has begun rolling out separate user profiles for Apple TV users.


Google reveals Chromecast dongle

Google has unveiled Chromecast, a possibly game-changing connected TV device for streaming content from the cloud, controlled by smartphone, laptop or tablet.


Netflix to produce original documentaries

Netflix is to pump money into the production of high quality documentaries to be available exclusively to its customers.


Netflix to premier Dreamworks animations

Netflix has entered into a deal with Dreamworks Animation that will see the streaming service premier 300 hours of animation.


Amazon poaches Dora The Explorer from Netflix

Amazon has inked a deal that will secure children’s programmes that Netflix recently lost.


Netflix loses thousands of classic titles

Netflix’s library of movies now missing around 2000 classic movies and TV episodes thanks to a licensing problem.


Internet TV will replace Linear broadcasts says Netflix boss

Netflix  CEO Reed Hastings has laid out his vision of the future of television. Unsurprisingly, services like Netflix will do rather well in it.


Amazon announces more original pilots

Amazon has stepped up its fight against Netflix with more original programming to take on that offered by its rival.


Netflix says no to new BlackBerry platform

If you’ve recently purchased the new BlackBerry Z10, or have your sights on the keyboard-equipped Q10, there’s some bad news for anyone hoping to get access to their Netflix account. According to a…


YouTube and Netflix team up for DIAL

YouTube and Netflix are working on a new open protocol called DIAL that will integrate smartphones and smart TVs or other connected devices.


Netflix to bolster growth with original programmes

Netflix has reached 33 million global subscribers, although only 6 million of those are outside the US. Original programming may hold the key to its future success.


Netflix grabs Dallas for its viewers

Netflix has signed a deal with two large US studios to secure access to a raft of live action and animated shows for 2013.


NetFlix to stream 3D, with a catch

NetFlix is to offer streaming 3D movies, as long as your ISP runs its software.

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