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Microsoft wants to reboot Blake’s 7

Microsoft may reboot the BBC Sci-Fi drama Blake’s 7 as original content for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


Eurosport comes to Xbox 360

Eurosport has launched an app for the Xbox 360 that will bring its Eurocentric sports coverage to gamers.


Microsoft to close MSN TV

Microsoft is to shut down MSN TV, the connected set top box that is predecessor of many of today’s connected TV devices. In other news, people were still using MSN TV.


Xbox 180 – Microsoft reverses Xbox One online check-in policy

Microsoft has reversed its policy requiring the Xbox One console to check-in every 24 hours as well as other restrictions on second-hand games following extensive criticism.


Xbox One must check in every 24 hours

Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One console must ‘check in’ with its servers every 24 hours in order to be used as a games machine.

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Microsoft close to Xbox deal with Time Warner

Microsoft is said to be close to a deal that will bring Time Warner cable TV to its Xbox One console.


Microsoft E3 event to focus on games, not TV

Microsoft will dedicate its press event on the opening day of E3 to  gamings, it has announced, playing down the TV features of its new Xbox One console.


Xbox One will share viewing habits with your friends

Watching TV through your Xbox One will be a social experience as your Xbox Live friends will get to see your favourite programmes.


Microsoft patents TV-watching Achievements

Microsoft has patented a system for awarding ‘Achievements’ to viewers for simply watching a programme.


Microsoft launches Xbox One

The wait is over – the Xbox One is here and it packs plenty of Smart TV punch.


Windows Phone gets YouTube app, to Google’s annoyance

Windows Phone users now have a proper YouTube app for their mobile platform of choice. Unfortunately, Google has demanded that Microsoft take it down due to terms of service violations.

Xbox on Windows 8_Xbox Video (Spotlight)

Microsoft may be planning cheap streaming box

Microsoft may still be planning to launch a second device alongside that new Xbox that will feature the same media streaming but without the rest of the games console’s features.


Next-gen Xbox will have offline mode

A leaked internal memo may have scotched rumours that the next generation Xbox will require always-on internet.


IllumiRoom could extend Xbox to your whole room

Microsoft is said to be considering a new immersive technology for its next-generation Xbox console. IllumiRoom uses a projector to extend what is happening on screen to the entire room.


Next Xbox reveal set for 21 May

Microsoft will reveal its next-generation Xbox console in a special event to be streamed live from its headquarters on 21 May.

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