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BBC 3 to debut all comedy via iPlayer

All of BBC 3′s scripted comedy output will be shown first on iPlayer, the corporation has announced.


BBC working to improve Android iPlayer

The BBC is working hard on to bring the Android version of its iPlayer app up to the same specs as the iOS version.


BBC to explain and promote connected TV

The BBC has begun a campaign to explain the benefits of connected TV to its viewers through the web, TV and radio spots.


BARB to track online viewing figures

The Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) will begin tracking online catchup video to assemble its viewing figures for UK TV shows.


BBC iPlayer does not favour iOS says Trust

The BBC’s iPlayer team is not guilty of unfairly prioritising iOS over other platforms, according to a ruling by the BBC Trust.


BBC3 piloting more shows via iPlayer

The BBC is using iPlayer as a proving ground for more TV programmes, with BBC 3 bosses having commissioned another raft of comedies to debut on the streaming service.


Peter Kay sitcom to hit iPlayer first

A new sitcom from comedian Peter Kay is to be placed on BBC iPlayer in its entirety  before being broadcast conventionally, the BBC has revealed.


BBC plans iPlayer-only dramas

The BBC is to commission six drama films to be shown exclusively over iPlayer.


Connected TV will fail without standards says iPlayer boss

The TV industry must adopt common standards if connected TV is to succeed, says Daniel Danker, the BBC’s Head of On-Demand.


Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview HD+ Box Review

Following on from their successful range of audio products, Pure has entered the TV arena with its Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD box with BBC iPlayer, YouTube and PURE Connect access.


BBC to show programmes on iPlayer first

The BBC is to trial the use of iPlayer to broadcast selected programmes before they show on television. 

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BBC Connected Red Button hits Virgin

Virgin TIiVo owners will be the first to try out the BBC’s new Connected Red Button which promises more content and context-awareness for the interactive service.


BBC iPlayer – what you need to know

BBC iPlayer is the BBC’s catch-up TV service and the one which other such services are measured against. But what do you get, how much is it and what do you need to…


BBC iPlayer joins Sky+ On Demand service

As of today, the BBC has joined Sky’s new On Demand service that is now available for the majority of Sky+ HD box owners, meaning you can enjoy instant access to a number…


iPlayer scores Olympic gold

Thee BBC’s iPlayer service hit a record number of viewers in August. The rise was driven by the BBC’s multi-screen coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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