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Enblink adds home automation to Google TV

Enblink is an add-on dongle for Google TV boxes that lets you control your home from the TV screen.


Sony files new Google TV device

Sony has made an FCC filing for what looks like a new Google TV device.


Google planning more powerful TV box

Google is planning a powerful new set top box with motion control and a built-in camera, according to reports.


Google mulling cable TV rival

Google is said  to be considering an ‘over the top’ TV service that would offer live TV rather than on-demand and could compete with traditional cable TV.


Google accused of ‘coercive’ tactics against Google TV holdouts

Google has been accused of using ‘coercive sales tactics’ designed to encourage TV manufacturers to adopt its Google TV platform rather than their own HTML 5 web browsers.

Sony updates Google TV Internet Player

Sony has a new version of its Google TV-powered Internet Player box which adds new features including voice search.


Google TV gets software boost

Google has announced software upgrades for Google TV and a new release schedule that should keep it up to date alongside other Google products.


No new Google TV at I/O conference says analyst

Hardware changes mean that Google will not be announcing a Google TV upgrade at tomorrow’s Google I/O event, according to industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


Google Play Games coming to Android

Google is set to reveal its answer to Apple’s Game Center, potentially turning Google TV boxes into credible games consoles.


LG preparing Google TV set – rumour

LG may be about to reveal a TV with Google TV built in, according to reports.


TV needs ‘sophisticated’ second screen interface says Google exec

Developers need to rethink their second screen apps to give a more sophisticated interface, says Google’s George Panayotopoulos.


ASUS to renames Qube as Cube

ASUS has launched its Google TV device, having realised the correct way to spell ‘Cube’.


Google TV remote app updated

Google has issued the first update to the Google TV Remote app in three years. Is there a big change on the way for Google TV?


YouTube and Netflix team up for DIAL

YouTube and Netflix are working on a new open protocol called DIAL that will integrate smartphones and smart TVs or other connected devices.


Asus readies Qube Google TV device

Taiwanese hardware manufacturers Asus are preparing what looks like a small Google TV box which may involve a dongle. Currently, this is known as Qube.

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