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Apple working on dedicated gamepad say developers

Apple is said to be developing a new, dedicated game controller. Could this mean an Apple console, or something new?


EA boss says games will shape connected TV; Android best placed to deliver

Richard Hilleman, Chief Creative Officer of Electronic Arts used the TV Connect show to claim gaming will define the future of connected TV and the Android platform is best placed to exploit it.


Piston PC for Steam appears at CES

Micro-PC specialist Xi3 has brought one of its tiny boxes to CES 2013. The PC, code-named ‘Piston’ is the first designed to bring Valve’s Steam PC gaming marketplace into the living room.


GameStick seeks to build tiny Android console

GameStick could be an inexpensive way to play Android games on your TV, providing it gets the funding it requires.


Zynga to offer game currency via TV package

Casual gaming giant Zynga is testing the smart TV waters and plan to offer cable TV customers the chance to buy in-game ‘currency’ as part of their monthly package.


Samsung TVs to get Monopoly (not like that)

Samsung has two more exclusive games for its Smart TVs – board game classics Monopoly and Game of Life.


PlayJam adds Games Network service to Adobe AIR enabled devices

The PlayJam TV games network, available on multiple Smart TVs, will soon be appearing on Adobe AIR enabled televisions, Blu-ray and Smart TV upgrader boxes. The announcement was made at GDC Online, in…


LG announces Game World for Cinema 3D TVs

LG has announced Game World, a new gaming portal for owners of its Cinema 3D Smart TVs.


EA Origin games coming to Smart TV

Games giant Electronic Arts has announced plans to bring its Origin onine games store to smart TV.


LG launches 3D games for LG Cinema 3D

LG is launching a suite of 3D games intended for use with its LG Cinema 3D range of 3D-enabled smart TVs.


Family Dice Review

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to plop your kids down in front of the TV with a suitable game to occupy them for an hour or so.


Toycar Racing Review

Sacrificing content for the sake of keeping the file size down is a common theme for Smart TV games – however, you sometimes get the feeling that this culling would be unnecessary if…


Itsmy launches gaming service for TVs

Gaming portal Itsmy has announced a cloud-based gaming service aimed at smart TVs and set top boxes.

Mahjong Fruits1

Mahjong Fruits Review

From the name you’d expect this to be a fruit themed version of Mahjong solitaire, or I did anyway. In reality it’s simply ‘inspired’ by Mahjong solitaire, taking the basic concept and twisting…


Mini Golf review

Initial impressions of Mini Golf on Samsung Smart TVs are good, with quirky presentation and a promising premise. Unfortunately not as much effort and thought has been put into the actualy gameplay, making…

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