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Virgin TV Anywhere app gets 21 new channels

Virgin’s TV Anywhere service has been given an additional 21 channels, taking the total number of live channels to 66. These include the addition of Channel 4, Nickelodeon and a range of Sky…


Netflix says no to new BlackBerry platform

If you’ve recently purchased the new BlackBerry Z10, or have your sights on the keyboard-equipped Q10, there’s some bad news for anyone hoping to get access to their Netflix account. According to a…


Android users Sky+ app update; gets same functionality as iOS version

Rejoice! Android users who install the latest Sky+ app can now get access to the extra features iOS users have been enjoying for some time – like using the phone as a remote…

Sky Go on Nexus 7

Sky Go rolls out to more Android users

Sky hasn’t been particularly supportive of the Android platform in the past, clearly favouring iOS devices, but things are changing as Sky updates its ‘on-the-go’ app to work on more devices. There are…


Is it time to say goodnight to the traditional remote control?

When you buy a new television, how much attention do you pay to the remote control it comes with? Is it comfortable to hold, easy to navigate and usable in the dark? And…

star battalion1

Star Battalion Review

Imagine piloting a high tech star fighter through dusty canyons, destroying armoured robots while outmanoeuvring enemy ships, barrel rolling and dog fighting your way to victory. Now imagine doing all that with a…


Zeebox adds Sky+ box control for Android users

Great news for Android smartphone and tablet users that are enjoying Zeebox. Jealous of those iPad users able to control their Sky+ boxes from the app? Well, don’t be – from today, you…


PlayJam Service Review

Free games are great, precisely because they’re free, but they also tend to have short lived appeal for much the same reason. PlayJam has a solution to that. More than just being a…


ABC for Kids Review

Games for toddlers are universally simple. They have to be, as young children lack both the dexterity and understanding required for anything remotely complex. However ABC for Kids takes this simplicity to whole…


TVGuide.com App for iOS

For our US visitors, the new TVGuide.com app for iOS 5.0 and higher devices is truly a useful app for television enthusiasts. Not only does this app let you see the channel listings from your…


Sky Sports iPad app adds second screen features

Sky has updated its Sky Sports app for the iPad to make it more of a second screen companion to watching the Sky sports channels.


Picture Stream Review

A Flickr app for your TV sounds great but Picture Stream isn’t the app you’ve been looking for – or hoping for while you scan the ‘leisure’ selection of apps on a smart…


Screen & Network Test Review

The aim of this app is to check the colour and definition of your screen and the internet speed of your provider.

Gem Reversi1

Gem Reversi Review

There have been countless versions of Reversi (also known as Othello) over the years and the easy-to-learn-difficult-to-master game play is as enjoyable now as it ever has been.

Dracula's Coffin1

Dracula’s Coffin Review

I am terrible at this game, but that’s not a criticism. So many casual games are too easy, finished and forgotten in a matter of minutes. Dracula’s Coffin on the other hand will…

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