Egg Escape Review

This game is a fluffy platformer. The South Park style visuals reveal a path which disappears as you guide your egg around.


Mathknight Review

If maths was your most hated subject at school, you might not be rushing to install this game – but we can equare that Mathknight + Sony = fun.


Colorful Enigma Review

We’re pretty sure the Enigma machine was a bit more complex than the version offered to Sony TV owners, but that doesn’t mean Colorful Enigma is not going to challenge you.


Geo Quiz Review

The first thing that strikes you about this simple quiz is that it’s really hard to create graphical glitches in a game based around paragraph boxes but Geo Quiz manages it.


Rockswap Adventures Review

A bright, brash puzzler which revolves around moving shapes – hearts and diamonds.


Picture Stream Review

A Flickr app for your TV sounds great but Picture Stream isn’t the app you’ve been looking for – or hoping for while you scan the ‘leisure’ selection of apps on a smart…


Screen & Network Test Review

The aim of this app is to check the colour and definition of your screen and the internet speed of your provider.


Bananamonkey Review

If you’re old enough to remember Nintendo Game and Watch products which consisted of a few buttons and two black and white LCD screens, you’ll know exactly what Bananamonkey is about.


Mini Golf Review

A top-down take on golf. It’s not crazy, just flat with a few corners thrown in for good measure.

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