You’re Fired Review

Many TV manufacturers would have you believe that the future of television control is through your voice and gesture control, but one game developer is thinking an existing Android smartphone will do just…


Robot’s Escape Review

Robot’s Escape aims to be in the same league of vertical screen climbing games as mobile titles like Ninjatown: Trees of Doom and Doodle Jump, but comes up very short thanks to a…


Slingo 5 Review

The core Slingo concept has been around for nearly 20 years, and has proven rather popular with its mixture of casino slots and bingo.


Delivery Express Review

Delivery Express is a SmartTV take on the classic top-down pizza delivery genre, as you dart around serving hungry customers with oven-baked, breaded delights.


Family Dice Review

Sometimes it’s nice to be able to plop your kids down in front of the TV with a suitable game to occupy them for an hour or so.


Toycar Racing Review

Sacrificing content for the sake of keeping the file size down is a common theme for Smart TV games – however, you sometimes get the feeling that this culling would be unnecessary if…


Mini Golf review

Initial impressions of Mini Golf on Samsung Smart TVs are good, with quirky presentation and a promising premise. Unfortunately not as much effort and thought has been put into the actualy gameplay, making…


Cave of Hades Review

Taking comfort in the known is a common occurrence in all walks of life, no less in video games, as gamers fill their new devices up with old titles and franchises that they…


TV Darts Show! Review

You don’t need to be a darts pro to get ahead in TV Darts Show! – however, you will need a quick trigger finger and a world of patience.

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