Spider Solitaire1

Spider Solitaire Review

Surprisingly Spider Solitaire is only the second Solitaire game to make it to Panasonic TV’s. They’re such a good fit that we’d expected to see loads of them- after all they’re suitable for…

fruit splat1

Fruit Splat Review

Fruit Splat is one of the latest in a stream of simple puzzle games to have hit smart TV’s. They’re an obvious fit because of how easy they are to control on a…


Push ‘em Penguin Nite Review

Despite not being part of the PlayJam app, Push ‘em Penguin Nite is developed by the same company. That means you can count on two things. That it will be free and that…

star battalion1

Star Battalion Review

Imagine piloting a high tech star fighter through dusty canyons, destroying armoured robots while outmanoeuvring enemy ships, barrel rolling and dog fighting your way to victory. Now imagine doing all that with a…


PlayJam Service Review

Free games are great, precisely because they’re free, but they also tend to have short lived appeal for much the same reason. PlayJam has a solution to that. More than just being a…


ABC for Kids Review

Games for toddlers are universally simple. They have to be, as young children lack both the dexterity and understanding required for anything remotely complex. However ABC for Kids takes this simplicity to whole…

Mine Sweeper1

Mine Sweeper Review

When did PC’s stop coming with Mine Sweeper? I just checked mine and apparently it’s not on it. No matter, after all why play it on your PC when you can now play…

Holedem Connect1

Holdem Connect Review

There are already two poker games available in VIERA Connect’s small games library, as well as several other card games. At this rate it runs the risk of becoming saturated with them and…


Hangman Review

Hangman is a bizarrely popular game. There isn’t much to it so it’s unlikely to entertain anyone for long, but as all you need is a pen, paper and at least one other…


Uno Review

Card games by and large must be pretty easy to turn into a video game, which is why it’s disappointing that so many of them skimp on the features, creating a bare bones…


Zaptap Review

Memory games almost always get old fast, unless they can come up with something unique and interesting to do with the concept of memorising patterns they are ironically destined to be forgotten.

Match the Animal1

Match the Animal Review

One of Viera Connect’s new ‘Kids’ range of applications, Match the Animal is designed to be an entertaining and educational game for pre-school aged children.


Solitaire Review

One of very few card games that can be played alone, Solitaire has long been a coffee break favourite. Now as well as playing it on a computer or with real cards, you…

Blackjack Royale

Blackjack Royale Review

Blackjack Royale is one of two blackjack games on the VIERA Connect market, but while the other one is free, Blackjack Royale costs 91p. So does it do enough to justify the price…

Apple Muncher1

Apple Muncher Review

Remember ‘Snake’- that old game that seemed to come with just about every mobile phone? Well Apple Muncher is pretty much that with a few bells and whistles added. Whether that’s a good…

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