LG Cloud services goes global

LG is rolling out its LG Cloud service globally, including Europe, Asia, Central Asia and Latin America by the end of May.

Spider Solitaire1

Spider Solitaire Review

Surprisingly Spider Solitaire is only the second Solitaire game to make it to Panasonic TV’s. They’re such a good fit that we’d expected to see loads of them- after all they’re suitable for…


You’re Fired Review

Many TV manufacturers would have you believe that the future of television control is through your voice and gesture control, but one game developer is thinking an existing Android smartphone will do just…

fruit splat1

Fruit Splat Review

Fruit Splat is one of the latest in a stream of simple puzzle games to have hit smart TV’s. They’re an obvious fit because of how easy they are to control on a…


Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview HD+ Box Review

Following on from their successful range of audio products, Pure has entered the TV arena with its Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD box with BBC iPlayer, YouTube and PURE Connect access.


Android users Sky+ app update; gets same functionality as iOS version

Rejoice! Android users who install the latest Sky+ app can now get access to the extra features iOS users have been enjoying for some time – like using the phone as a remote…


YouView (TalkTalk) Review

If you’re a TalkTalk customer, chances are you’ve already been offered the opportunity to get a ‘free’ YouView box in return for continuing your contract. Is it a wise move?

Sky Go Extra

Sky launches Sky Go Extra for on-the-move viewing

Sky has launched Sky Go Extra, giving users the ability to enjoy its huge library of content even when away from a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.


Darts Review

Darts is a simple enough game that it could easily be replicated in video game form. But being so simple most of the fun comes from the skill and physical action of throwing…


Push ‘em Penguin Nite Review

Despite not being part of the PlayJam app, Push ‘em Penguin Nite is developed by the same company. That means you can count on two things. That it will be free and that…


Egg Escape Review

This game is a fluffy platformer. The South Park style visuals reveal a path which disappears as you guide your egg around.

pick and nick1

Pick and Nick Review

Pick and Nick is clearly heavily influenced by Pac-Man, but even now those are pretty big shoes to fill and Pick and Nick will have a hard time competing. The game puts you…


Outpatients Review

If you’ve played solitaire (and who hasn’t?) it won’t take long to get to grips with Outpatients, as medical theme aside it’s simply a twist on that old single player card game. You…


Mahjongg Review

Mahjongg by PlayJam is about as unimaginative and un-ambitious an interpretation of the game as you could hope to find. When you first load it up there’s the slightest sense that effort might…

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UnoTelly Review: View TV from all around the world

Frustrated by geolocated viewing restrictions? Want to watch iPlayer on holiday, or The Daily Show from the UK? UnoTelly can help.

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