LG to make Smart TV smarter

LG is adding technology from Cognitive Networks to allow its Smart TV software to detect and react to the programme on screen.


LG joins 4K price cutters

LG has reduced the prices of several Ultra-HD 4K TVs, following the lead of Sony and Samsung.


Twitter buys social TV analysts Trendrr

Twitter has made another acquisition in its bid to become THE social hub for TV viewers.


Enblink adds home automation to Google TV

Enblink is an add-on dongle for Google TV boxes that lets you control your home from the TV screen.


Samsung dropping 4K prices

Samsung is to join Sony in cutting the prices of its Ultra-HD 4K TVs.


Google locks down Chromecast

Google has disabled access to its Chromecast device that allowed apps to stream local content to the device.


Apple talking directly to content creators

Apple is now negotiating directly with content creators rather than TV companies, a new report suggests.


Netflix has over 1.5 million subscribers in the UK

Netflix now has over 1.5 million UK subscribers to its video on demand service and may soon hit two million.


Vevo to bring music videos to Apple TV and Samsung

Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV platform could soon have 24-hour streaming music videos courtesy of Vevo.


Netflix smartens up instant queue with My List

Netflix is revamping its Instant Queue to-watch-list by rebranding it as My List and adding the ability to automatically prioritise films and shows based on your viewing habits.


Hollywood studios could bypass Sky Movies, research claims

The days of Sky Movies acting as a ‘gateway’ to films may be numbered, according to new research.


Tesco to launch Hudl tablet

Tesco is to launch Hudl, its own Android tablet that will offer fast access to its Blinkbox movie streaming service.


PlayStation 4 launch dates confirmed

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will launch on 14 November in the US 29 November in Europe.


Wuaki launches Samsung TV app

Samsung Smart TV owners now have the option of watching movies from Wuaki directly on their  big screens.


Chromecast protocols reverse-engineered

A mobile developer has reverse-engineered the streaming protocols used by Chromecast, allowing any video or audio to be streamed to the TV dongle.

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