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Apple opens replacement program for Apple TVs with Wi-Fi fault

Apple has notified retail stores, AppleCare employees and authorised resellers of a fault with a small selection of third-generation Apple TV units, relating to Wi-Fi connection issues. These issues include being unable to…


Pure Avalon 300R Connect Freeview HD+ Box Review

Following on from their successful range of audio products, Pure has entered the TV arena with its Avalon 300R Connect Freeview+ HD box with BBC iPlayer, YouTube and PURE Connect access.


Roku 3; The faster, easier and most powerful Roku player

Roku – the company behind those small set top boxes that stream content from the Internet to your HDTV – has launched its latest model in the US, with a faster processor, updated…


YouView (TalkTalk) Review

If you’re a TalkTalk customer, chances are you’ve already been offered the opportunity to get a ‘free’ YouView box in return for continuing your contract. Is it a wise move?


German TeleFairy box does away with TV advertising

Germans will soon be able to remove ads from their recordings and channel hopping automatically, with the forthcoming ‘TeleFairy’ digital satellite receiver.



Although rather late to the market, the YouView platform could eventually solve the current mishmash of set top boxes, disjointed Internet based services and inconsistent user interfaces.

Roku 2 XS Streaming Player

Roku 2 XS

As an alternative to the Apple TV, the Roku 2 XS streaming player has a few additional services, like iPlayer and access to games like Angry Birds…


Apple TV

While the industry awaits a full-on attack from Apple in the television world, for now the only offering comes in the form of a box to connect to your existing TV set. If…


Sony NSZ-GS7 Google TV

This is the second attempt from Google to get into the world of TV. With an improved operating system and faster hardware, it’s getting one step closer to becoming a viable add-on for your existing…

D-Link Boxee Box

D-Link Boxee Box

If your television doesn’t have any connection to the outside world, the Boxee Box from D-Link offers up access to free movies and TV programmes, as well as the web and over 200…

Sky+ HD Box (1TB model)

Sky+ HD

There’s probably not much that needs to be said about Sky, given how many people already subscribe to their satellite TV service, enjoying TV, movies and sport. However, there are a number of…

Virgin Media TiVo

TiVo: Virgin Media

The Virgin Media TiVo box isn’t the first appearance of TiVo  in the United Kingdom, but the first offering had a rather shaky start, for a number of reasons. The general public probably…

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