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Smart TV Radar is a site covering the growing market of smart and connected televisions, including the hardware that adds smart television capabilities to your existing TV set.

From the progression from VHS to digital Personal Video Recorders, it has been getting increasingly easy to record your favourite shows, but with the advent of Smart TV, it’s no longer a problem if you forget to schedule a recording.

Services like BBC iPlayer or Netflix enable you to access huge libraries of content entirely on demand, while Smart TVs also allow you to surf the net or engage with social networking, without ever leaving the front room.

Smart TV technology is now becoming available on smaller sized sets, ideal for bedrooms or spare rooms – while there are accessories to add Smart TV functionality to existing TV sets, such as Apple TV.

If you’re not yet entirely convinced that you want or need a Smart TV, or you’re fearful of investing in a platform that might become obsolete, Smart TV Radar is here to help.

We cover all of the Smart TV platforms and follow their development so you’ll always be informed. We will show the many benefits a Smart TV can bring, some obvious and some less so (like interacting with a smartphone or tablet that you already own).

Smart TV Radar also reviews the applications, games and services, plus helpful guides to getting the most from your TV.

Smart TV Radar is the smart way to learn about Smart TV.

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