Samsung shows off 85-inch Ultra-HD TV

Samsung brought a touch of the wow factor to its CES press conference in the form of its 85-inch Ultra HD 4K TV.

DSC01830There is a lot of great new hardware at CES 2013 but even the most jaded of hacks have to admit that Samsung’s 85-inch Ultra HD set looks impressive.

The enormous 4K TV may have an odd, easel-style stand that make it look like someone is about to flip it over to reveal a streetmap and plans for a bank job but the screen itself is a stunning slab of vibrant colour.


The 84 inch model was also accompanied by two even larger models, measuring 95 and 110-inches respectively. Actual production is yet to be confirmed and might depend on how well the 85-incher sells, but at least it shows that even bigger screens are possible – at least in prototype form.

All three screens feature the same tiltable easel stand which also conceals a pair of 120 watt speakers, with the 85-inch model available from March.


Pricing for the full range is yet to be confirmed but guesstimates put the 85-inch model at around £30,000 in the UK. Maybe not a casual purchase, but you will be getting an awful lot of TV for your money – quite literally.

If the 85-inch Ultra HD isn't enough, Samsung also showcased prototypes of even larger panels

If the 85-inch Ultra HD isn’t enough, Samsung also showcased prototypes of even larger panels

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