Apple working with suppliers on TV set

Apple is now actively working with Asian component suppliers on a device thought to be the long-rumoured Apple TV.

Another week, another Apple TV rumour. This one has a little more meat to it than usual but as ever where Apple is concerned  the situation remains unclear. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple suppliers are in the preliminary stages of working on designs for the device.

Executives from Foxconn, one of Apple’s component suppliers for the iPhone/iPad have reportedly confirmed that they are collaborating with Sharp on a TV design. “It isn’t a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing,” the source said.

Design collaboration may turn out to be a dead end, of course, particularly as Apple is likely to want something pretty special before it dips a toe in the TV manufacturing water but this does seem like confirmation that SOMETHING is happening which is, er, something.

(via WSJ)

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