Christmas Smart TV Round-Up: Part 3

If you’re looking for a new Smart TV before Christmas, or willing to wait for the post-Christmas sales, we’ve rounded up our pick of the best TVs.

Today, we look at sets for people who have to look up the meaning of the word recession in a dictionary…

Throwing caution to the wind

So it costs over 20 grand… you can afford it, right?

If you’ve got a cool £22,500 sitting in your account begging to be spent, you’ll be the talk of the town with one of these 84-inch monsters in your living room, although it might also be time to up that home contents insurance policy at the same time.

With Cinema 3D, a motion remote with voice control, and support for 4K Ultra HD broadcasts, the 84LM960V is future proofed for the next few years at least.

Sure, there’s virtually nothing to show off the amazing resolution but think of the kudos. Just don’t think of other things to spend £22,500 on – like a brand new Ford Focus ST with £500 left over…

If you think the LG is a little too big, Samsung’s 75-inch ES9000 TV might be more up your street (or is that wall?) and it is still packed with high-tech even if it isn’t ready for those Ultra HD broadcasts that don’t exist yet anyway.

Still, as long as you’re not sitting pressed up against the panel you should still be able to make do with the current HD content and the multiple tricks that the Samsung employs to further enhance the picture on a large panel.

If you are a little worried about the picture quality (but, from what we’ve seen you shouldn’t be), the fact you can bag one for just under £8,000 might be the deciding factor. That is unless you’re not bothered about a saving of £14,500 and if you’re really not bothered by that, chances are you’ll get the LG for the living room and bung this in the kitchen.

There’s also another 84-inch TV option, coming in the form of the Sony KD-84X9005 but there’s no price for the UK as yet.

Like the LG, there’s the issue of where you’re supposed to find any 4K Ultra HD content. Sony thinks it might have solved this by loaning customers equipment to play a limited selection of movies, although for now that seems to be an offering only to customers in the USA.

Another thing that might be of interest is the introduction of a 4K-compatible version of the Sony PlayMemories service. You’ll need a PS3 (but given the likely cost of the set, a PS3 is something you could probably ask your local retailer to throw in for free to seal the deal) and once set up, you’ll be able to enjoy incredible Ultra high-definition photos on your TV.

All of which might just keep you entertained until there’s a regular supply of Ultra HD content.

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