Asus readies Qube Google TV device

Taiwanese hardware manufacturers Asus are preparing what looks like a small Google TV box which may involve a dongle. Currently, this is known as Qube.

Asus was one of the pioneers of the netbook market and one of the few manufacturers to make a credible Android tablet. Now it may be poised to make an impact on the smart TV market with a new device known as a Qube. This may not be the Asus Qube, however. The name on the box may actually be Google.

All new devices capable of wireless communication must be vetted and approved by the Federal Communicatiopns Commission to be sold in the US and it was in such an FCC filing that some details of Asus’ new product were discovered. The Qube looks like it will be a small Google TV box that will wirelessly connect to the TV via a dongle. The box will run Google TV and there will be apps available for mobile devices to act as a remote control.

Sources close to Google suggest that the Qube may actually be intended to be a new Nexus device and that it is probably intended as a more advanced replacement for the Nexus Q. The Nexus Q recently vanished from the Google Play store after only a few months on sale. Could Google have written it off and decided to bring in the Qube as a more-capable replacement?

(via The Verge)


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