No real-time 4K broadcasts for at least 2 years

It could be more than two years before broadcasters are able to deliver Ultra-High Def 4K programmes to the nation’s living rooms, a report claims.

There was some good news earlier today as we learned that LG’s 84-inch 4K TV will hit the shops in the UK in time for Christmas. Unfortunately it may be some time before we have much of anything to watch on one. UK-based analysts, Futuresource Consulting have been looking at the broadcast technology required for 4K resolution shows and here is still some work to be done.

The problem lies in motion-blur – fast moving objects or images appearing to leave a brief ‘trail’ behind them. Futuresource says the motion blur tends to be more obvious at higher resolutions and given the ultra-high res of a 4K-capable TV fast-moving imagery could easily look muddled and blurred.

Futuresource estimates that the frame rate will have to be doubled in order to counteract the motion-blur effect. This means sending double the amount of video data which in turn will mean double the bandwidth is required for a broadcast. “Clearly this has implications for the compression industry and while the new High Efficiency Video Codec, HEVC, is due to be ratified in January, hardware based, real-time encoding required for live transmission is realistically at least two years away,” says Futuresource’s report.

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