Push ‘em Penguin Nite Review

Despite not being part of the PlayJam app, Push ‘em Penguin Nite is developed by the same company. That means you can count on two things. That it will be free and that you’ll have to sit through an advert each time you play it.

The game gives you the task of moving eggs into nests in an icy environment. But as the name suggests you can only push the eggs, which means that walls and corners can become a serious problem. Essentially each level is a spatial puzzle where you must work out the correct movements to safely get each egg to a nest.

Push ‘em Penguin Nite is actually a sequel to a game that is available on PlayJam and other than having a different selection of levels it’s almost identical. The two key differences are that this one has fewer levels (only 15) and that this one is totally free, unlike its predecessor which charged you to retry levels. That fact alone makes it a lot more fun, but ultimately it’s still nothing special and at only 15 levels it’s rather short lived.


A competent but uninspiring puzzle game, worth a download but you’ll have seen all there is to see in under an hour.


Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

Platform: Panasonic | Price: Free


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