Google TV adds context-aware voice search

The latest update to Google TV adds what Google is calling ‘context aware’ voice search.

The headline feature is the new Voice Search, which steals a march on the rumoured Siri update for Apple TV. Search is context sensitive, with Google TV interpreting what you mean to do by what is currently on the screen. You can say (e.g.) “CNN” to instantly change to that channel, or you can search for programmes or online video by speaking show titles, “search for movies with [actors name]” or a description of the content you are looking for.

PrimeTime is the name of the new Google TV programme guide which has been redesigned to make finding programmes easier. As well as tracking programmes you have already watched it will also suggest shows you might like based on previous viewing and searches.

The update also speeds up the Google TV interface and updates the YouTube app to allow screen sharing with an Android phone or tablet.

The update is arriving first on LG Google TV devices but will roll out on other Google TV STBs and TVs in the near future.  Only second-generation Google TV devices will receive the Voice Search update but older boxes will still get PrimeTime and the YouTube app update.

(via Google)

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