ITV Player – what you need to know

ITV Player is ITV’s catch-up TV service. Supplying time-shifted ITV programmes since 2008, it has recently added pay-per-view access to ITV’s programme archive.  But what do you get, how much is it and what do you need to watch?

What do you need?

ITV Player runs as an app on Samsung Smart TV’s and connected Blu-Ray players. It is also available through Virgin Media cable TV, YouView, BT Vision and Sky On-Demand. Selected Freesat and Freeview boxes also support ITV Player.

PlayStation 3 owners have been able to watch ITV Player on their consoles since 2010 and the service is rumoured to be appearing on the Xbox 360 before the end of the year. There are ITV Player apps for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad)  and, of course, it is available via the web on PC or Mac and theoretically any web browser that supports Flash.

What do you get?

ITV Player offer’s catch-up TV for each of the ITV channels. As well as terrestrial ITV1 this also includes ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and children’s channel CITV. You can time-shift shows up to a week old on all five channels and ITV Player also indexes shows in categories like ‘Comedy’, ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Factual’ across the channels.

This is web-only for now, but ITV Player has just launched a pay-per-view service via a new beta site. The selection is fairly limited at the moment, but ITV are concentrating on entire series of classic shows like Hammer House Of Horror and Marple as well as more recent series that you may have missed like Where The Heart Is and Titanic.

What does it cost?

The basic catch-up serice is completely free, however you access it. You will need to pay for your broadband or 3G, of course.

The rental pricing is a flat 49p per programme episode, each of which is playable for 30 days one you have paid up. Discounts are available on series ‘box sets’ and, depending on the number of episodes in the series, you can save quite a few pounds buy renting in bulk. Don’t worry about cramming a whole series into a month – ‘box set’ rentals stay playable for 90 days.


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