Samsung launches TV cashback scheme

Samsung has launched a cashback reward scheme with several high street retailers that will give up to £250 back if you buy a new Smart TV alongside another Samsung product.

Samsung is determined to grab your cash this Christmas and has announced a new cashback scheme designed to ensure you bundle an extra one of its products in a Smart TV purchase.

With the right products in your shopping basket you could get a cheque for up to £250.

The rewards scheme is available from selected UK retailers, including Currys and Richer Sounds. Participating shops will have the Samsung REWARD YOURSELF logo on display near their stock of Smart TVs.

The offer is actually a little mor3e complicated than a simple cashback on purchase. The exact amount you can get back is based on the price of the items you buy and some Smart TVs have a lower ‘top end’ limit on the reward available – e.g. only the 65-inch ES8000 qualifies you for the full £250 and the cheaper 37-inch ES6300 will get you a maximum of £50.

The reward is then based on the price of the second item, which can be anything from a Galaxy Tab tablet to a Samsung washing machine. On filling out the downloadable claim form you will receive a cheque up to the reward limit for your TV or the price of the second item, which ever is lower. Full details and a list of eligible TVs available at Samsung UK’s site.

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