PlayJam adds Games Network service to Adobe AIR enabled devices

The PlayJam TV games network, available on multiple Smart TVs, will soon be appearing on Adobe AIR enabled televisions, Blu-ray and Smart TV upgrader boxes.

The announcement was made at GDC Online, in Austin, Texas and sees a new partnership formed with Adobe to develop a games eco-system that gives Adobe’s developer network access to the PlayJam developer tools.

Game developers will be able to integrate the many features available on PlayJam, such as global billing, network tournaments, leaderboards and real-time mass participation events – plus in-game promotions, virtual currencies and recommendation engines.

Adobe AIR for TV allows for enhanced 2D and 3D games, using graphic acceleration and is already available on LG’s range of Smart TVs. The development programme will initially be available to existing PlayJam developer partners before a general release in December.

Jasper Smith, CEO and founder of PlayJam said: “We believe that once the tool set is fully established it will be as simple for developers to publish games to TV as it is to a PC.”

The PlayJam network is available on multiple Smart TV platforms, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony.

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