3D TV audiences may be too small to measure

The audience for 3D TV is so small that it cannot be measured alongside traditional viewing figures say TV viewing analysts, Nielsen.

Is anyone actually watching 3D TV? It turns out that the broad answer to that question – in the US at least – is ‘barely’. The specifics are extremely dificult to fathom, however.

The audience for 3D TV is, according to Nielsen, so small that it cannot be measured.

This isn’t the first sign we have seen that 3D might not be living up to the hype – just last week Sony exec Fergal Gara said that customers considered the format to be “not hugely important”. The news that 3D viewing is too small to show up on US viewing figures may be the biggest blow yet to the burgeoning technology.

Nielsen is the independent body which gathers TV viewing figures in the United States. These figures, gathered by surveys and the use of ‘meters’ attached to a semi-random sample of viewers’ TVs, are crucial for programme makers and TV networks seeking to fine tune their output to match demand. According to Nielsen, fewer than 115,000 homes watch broadcast 3D TV on any given day, compared to the 20 million plus homes that tuned in to the highest rated show on network TV.

(via The Day)

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