Sky loses EPG revamp case

Sky TV has lost its bid to prevent changes to the Freeview Electronic Programme Guide.

Does a channel’s [position in the Electronic Programme Guide matter? Sky seems to think so and has been fighting to gain some control about where its channels are listed on Freeview.

The position of a TV channel in the Free EPG is known as its Logical Channel Number (LCN). LCN allocations are managed for Freeview by an organisation known as DMOL. In order to more evenly distribute channels across the available number range, DMOL announced plans to revamp the list and group channels more by genre.

Both Sky and an unnamed Adult channel appealed the decision but DMOL has today rejected both appeals with the following statement.

“Having independently reviewed the evidence put forward, the chair of DMOL does not consider that either party has presented a sufficiently compelling case that the moves should not go ahead. The original decisions will therefore stand.”

The changes will now go ahead and from 17th October all adult channels will start from #171 on the Freeview EPG and HD channels, including SKy’s will move from #50 to start at #101.

(via RegHardware)

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