Sky+ enhances iPad app and launches 2TB HD box

Sky+ has announced a new 2TB box, to complement the modifications to the Electronic Programme Guide software on existing Sky+ HD boxes. At the same time, the iPad has received an update which adds full Zeebox integration.

If you were thinking of signing up to Sky+ it may be worth waiting a short while until the next generation of Sky+ HD boxes are introduced (although you’ll pay more than the standard box).

Sky is boosting the storage capacity on its latest boxes to a huge two terabytes - enough to store over two weeks of high-definition programmes. If you’ve just signed up to Sky+, well, bad luck.

Still, you will still get to enjoy the other features we mentioned earlier, such as the new On Demand service and the ability to undelete programmes you may have accidentally removed.

Another update is for the Sky iPad app, which allows users to delve deeper into the EPG with the help of social media app Zeebox. The latest update fully integrates the Zeebox service into the app and gives users an instant link to social media conversations surrounding their favourite shows.

Sky+ app for iPad

Each listing on the app programme guide now has a ‘Discover More’ button, which brings up additional information about cast and crew, associated links and any apps that relate to a show. Users also get Zeebox’s tailored interface into Twitter which groups hashtags and conversations about a show together, making it easier to tweet along with a show or find out what other fans are thinking.

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