DVB seeks to standardise the ‘Second screen’

Digital broadcasting standards body DVB is investigating ‘second screen’ apps in an attempt to bring some kind of order to this growing area.

DVB is the cross-industry organisation responsible for creating the open standards which allow digtal broasdcasting devices to speak to one another. Deadly dull, but without its efforts your PVR would struggle to understand what on earth your Freeview box was going on about. Now DVB is to apply its flair for dry technical documentation to work on second screen apps, for the good of us all.

‘Second screening’ is a slightly nebulous term which could refer to a viewer using an dedicated app, browsing the web on a tablet or just tweeting along with a TV programme. DVB think it needs a clearer definition.

As well as defining what a second screen app can do, there is work that needs to be done to codify teh ways in which such apps operate as remote controls. Similarly, if an app was to offer additional information such as signing for the deaf, a proper spec could define the method for passing the correct information between devices.

“We’re only starting to see lots of exciting developments for services that enhance traditional broadcast services,” said DVB’s technical chairman Nick Wells, “If you talk to people about second screens and companion screens everyone has their own way of doing it and that makes it ripe for standardisation.”

(via BBTV)

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