Hands-on with Haier Eye Control TV

We’ve already seen motion control, but that requires quite a lot of effort – as well as making yourself look rather stupid in the process.

Eye tracking, on the other hand, makes quite a lot of sense. After all, you’re using your eyes to watch the television in the first place.

The technology for eye tracking isn’t new, but this is the first time we’re aware of it being used to let you control the television (which we reported on last week) – from selecting channels to adjusting the volume by looking and blinking to select. In theory, you can do whatever the user interface allows you to do by looking at icons to perform tasks.

Developed by Tobii, a Swedish company that enables eye tracking for other uses (such as allowing website or user interface developers to do detailed tests on how ordinary people react and navigate systems for the first time), the hardware isn’t yet fitted into a television, but simply bolted on to a TV.

Haier, the company showing the product and making the TV itself, has become renowned for showing off new concepts at trade shows like IFA and CES.

See the system in action

Haier has also produced a totally wireless television, requiring no cables to transmit video or to power the set. In addition to this, it has also developed a transparent TV panel much like the ones produced by Samsung.

There’s no release date for a fully integrated eye control television, as the equipment is still too expensive to be commercially viable. However, you can be sure that the concept will be looked at closely by a number of manufacturers because using your eyes is certainly going to prove more socially acceptable than arm waving or shouting at your TV.


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