LaCie RikkiTV adds PVR features to TVs

Digital storage company LaCie has launched a USB hard drive that adds simple PVR features to a compatible TV.

LaCie is best known for making portable hard drives and indeed that is what the RikkiTV looks a lot like. Unlike your typical USB drive though, the RikkiTV is really meant to be kept in one place – next to your TV.

The RikkiTV is actually a simple PVR – plug it into the USB port of a compatible TV and it will give you the ability to pause and rewind live TV and record up to 240 hours of your favourite programs onto its 500GB hard disk. The RikkiTV is designed to clip unobtrusively to the back of your flatscreen with an included bracket.

The RikkiTV is copatible with any TV that supports USB recording. A full list is available on the LaCie website, but a good rule of thumb is to check for a RECORD button on your TV remote control. Check your set here.

(via BBTV)

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