Netflix Just For Kids comes to Xbox

Netflix has updated its Xbox 360 app to include its popular ‘Just For Kids’ channel.

Netflix’s Just For Kids channel launched last year to provide a kid-frinedly area in the Netflix library packed with TV and films aimed at kids and families. The service has proven popular with PC, Mac, Nintendo Wii, Apple TV, PlayStation 3, and iPad users and now, at last, Netflix has extended it to Xbox 360 owners too.

Just For Kids offers a wide selection of TV and film organised into categories like “Dinosaurs”, “Princesses” and “Superheroes” so kids can quickly find something they like. All the content is ad-free and vetted to ensure it is genuinely suitable for younger viewers.

Just For Kids also learns kids preferences. If they consistently watch films about dinosaurs, for example, then more dino-related flicks will show up on the front page for them to check out.

(via SlashGear)

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