LG launches 3D games for LG Cinema 3D

LG is launching a suite of 3D games intended for use with its LG Cinema 3D range of 3D-enabled smart TVs.

Although 3D TVs are getting better all the time, there is still a fairly limited selection of decent 3D films and TV worth watching on them. To help pass the time between viewings of Avatar, LG has licensed some great 3D games and converted them for play on its Cinema 3D TVs.

The games include bouncy fish collection game Air Penguin, the Godzilla-like Burn The City, the self-explanatory Downhill Bowling 2 and endless running game Diversion,  all of which has been hits on Android and iOS platforms, albeit in boring old 2D. More games are promised soon.

“With the arrival of established games as well as original titles developed exclusively for LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV, we are fulfilling our commitment to realizing the potential of Smart TV as a genuine 3D gaming platform,” said LG Home Entertainment CEO Havis Kwon. “LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV owners will be amazed as they become fully engrossed in the large screen, 3D environments of their favourite games, and at how easy it is to be in control with the Magic Remote.”

(via 3DFocus)

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