Sky price freeze to thaw on 1st September

Sky tells you to believe in better, but you better believe it when we tell you that from the start of September, you’ll be asked to stump up more to enjoy its satellite TV service.

Sky is now writing to people to tell them about the huge investment it is making, which justifies the price hike that will affect almost all customers. That’s even though for a lot of people the service is pretty much going to be the same. That means the same channels, like Sky Atlantic, Sky Movies and Sky Sports – plus the same Sky Go service that is available to watch certain channels on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

For someone on the top package, or taking the standard package plus both Sky Sports channels (and the extra free ones), the monthly subscription will rise by £2.50 with effect from September 1st. With subscriptions paid in advance that means you’ll be paying the higher fee from August.

For extra channels, ESPN will also go up by £1 per month – although MUTV, Chelsea TV, Disney Cinemagic and MGM HD have no change.

The changes in full

Channel Packs per month
Sky Entertainment or Sky Entertainment Extra £1.50 more
Sky Sports (1 or 2) £0.50 more
Sky Sports Pack (1 & 2) £1.00 more
Sky Movies (1 or 2) No change
Sky Movies Pack (1 & 2) No change
HD Pack No change
Sky Multiroom No change

Our thoughts

It seems odd to us that, even after imposing a price freeze for a year that would have been welcomed by all, the broadcaster still feels it is necessary to instantly increase charges when the freeze ended, at a time where a full Sky TV package could be considered a luxury that some people might choose to live without.

The extra money might not seem like a huge increase, but with many other bills also increasing – from your mobile phone bill to electricity and gas, there must come a point where people will say ‘enough is enough’.

Presumably Sky is quietly confident that most people will happily pay the extra amount to continue enjoying its content, and normally they’d be right once Sky runs a few trailers for an exciting new TV series or movie premiere.

However, the new Sky-owned Now TV service will offer access to TV shows, movies and sport on a pay as you go basis. Could this not see people opting to downgrade their monthly sub, or ditching Sky completely? It would appear that Sky has already been warned that this might be the case, and there are many benefits of being able to enjoy Sky content on a range of different devices.

So, this time around, we wonder what will actually happen when the prices go up. If you are currently paying Sky a hefty amount, will you just take the price increase on the chin or is this going to make you consider other options? Let us know in the comments below.

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