Samsung, LG and Sony reject adult apps

Three leading TV manufacturers have rejected offers from the adult entertainment industry and will not be allowing adult apps on their smart TVs and set top boxes. Samsung, LG and Sony have said that they do not wish to work with adult content providers according to one such company.

Paris-based adult studio Marc Dorcel say that Samsung, LG and Sony have rejected offers to develop apps for their respective smart TV platforms. The news comes as rival Philips has announced its first porn apps, joining Panasonic which offers similar content via apps for its platform. Marc Dorcel has announced plans for further apps with Philips and Toshiba later this year.

Although neither LG, Samsung nor Sony has confirmed anything, one reason for avoiding involvement in adult apps might be the variation in local laws regarding such content. For example, Philips’  recent adult apps are unavailable in Turkey or Germany due to legal restrictions in those countries.

(via BBTV News)



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