Asphalt 5 Review

Asphalt 5 wears its inspiration on its sleeve. One word: Burnout. But as that classic racing series has been largely absent since 2008’s Burnout Paradise that is no bad thing.

From racing through real world inspired locations complete with oncoming traffic, arcade handling and nitro boosts. To the modes such as ‘Cop Chase’ where you need to crash into other players to eliminate them and ‘Duel’ which is a heated one-on-one race, there isn’t much in Asphalt 5 that doesn’t feel like it’s been ripped straight out of Burnout.

Career mode spans 12 tracks, each of which is home to four separate events. Winning events unlocks new cars, tracks and upgrades and the tracks themselves are well designed and riddled with shortcuts.

While the game is quite a lot of fun this is one occasion where a TV remote really isn’t the ideal controller, as using buttons to steer is workable but clunky. There also isn’t much depth to the game, as most of the tracks are easy to get around with little to no braking and there isn’t much in the way of advanced manoeuvres. It’s still enjoyable though and comes recommended for fans of arcade racers.


A fun racer that will keep you on the road for a long time, but it’s about as deep as a napkin.



Platform: Panasonic TV | Price: £3.44


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