LG to make Smart TV smarter

LG is adding technology from Cognitive Networks to allow its Smart TV software to detect and react to the programme on screen.

duchovnyEven as LG cuts the prices of its high-end 4K models, it is adding an interesting new feature to its Smart TV software that could change the way we watching broadcast televison.

Smart TV doesn’t really guarantee any level of actual intelligence. In fact, many Smart TV platforms show a distinct lack of smarts at times. Even in the best case though, your TV’s operating system will only know what you are watching if it was played from an app or catch-up service. It doesn’t know what broadcast TV you are watching and therefore  can’t then provide you with related content.

A new technique from Cognitive Networks probably can though. LG has bought the rights to Congnitive Networks’ tech and has added it to its LivePlus service. LivePlus will identify the programme currently on screen using Automatic Content Recognition software. It will then notify the TV network that you are watching and pull down any related links or content it can find. This can include live events like polls or extras like games or offers.

(source: Engadget)

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