Enblink adds home automation to Google TV

Enblink is an add-on dongle for Google TV boxes that lets you control your home from the TV screen.

enblinkChromecast may be the Google-related dongle of the moment, but while Enblink is undoubtedly more niche it does add an interesting new feature to a Google TV box. Providing you have kitted out your house with companion sensors and gadgets you can control your home from the comfort of the sofa.

You can use it to turn on mood lighting to enhance your viewing or activate lights and other devices on a timer so you can have the house ready for your return or just make it look like someone is home. Enblink is still in development but it is now available for pre-order at $85, to ship some time next month.

Home automation does require more than just a nifty interface – you also need some way of hooking it up to thing sin your home. Enblink is also selling kits to add a wifi control to light sockets as well as a variety of sensors you can use to turn your TV into an alarm system that will alert you if the sensor is activated. There are also several third-party devices that will work with Enblink, including door locks and cameras.

(source: Android Police)


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