Samsung dropping 4K prices

Samsung is to join Sony in cutting the prices of its Ultra-HD 4K TVs.

110inchSamsungUHDFollowing on from Sony’s decision to drop the prices of its Bravia X9 Ultra-HD TVs, earlier this month, Samsung is now set to do the same with its Ultra HD tellys. The Korean company reportedly issued price cuts to its  F9000-series TVs over the weekend.

The 55-inch UN55F9000 will drop from $5,499.99 to $4,499.99, and the 65-inch UN65F9000 will fall from $7,499.99 to $5,999.99. These price cuts roughly match those made by Sony earlier this month. Sony has also indicated that it will bring out a cheaper range of budget 4K sets soon.

It is too early to say if a proper price war has broken out, or even what the cause of these price cuts is. Samsung and LG both cut prices of their curved OLED screens this month citing a manufacturing surplus but could the reason for the 4K cut simply be that nobody is buying the things? Certainly the high prices compared even to the already rather spending Smart TV models from the leading manufacturers must be a tall order for most households, particularly in the current economic climate. Add to that the general lack of 4K content and you could see how 4K might be a tough sell.

(source: About Home Theatre)

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