Apple talking directly to content creators

Apple is now negotiating directly with content creators rather than TV companies, a new report suggests.

new-apple-tv1-300x275One thing that is rumoured to have put a stop to Apple’s TV plans over the years is the reluctance of TV broadcasters and cable companies to work with Apple, perhaps for fear of it edging them out as it has arguably done with music publishers via iTunes. A new report by Quartz suggests that Apple is now trying a more direct route and is negotiating with programme makers in an attempt to secure content. In effect it will be competing with traditional networks.

Among the companies that Apple has been speaking to are ESPN, HBO, and Viacom, which owns MTV Networks, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central and has also been speaking to Sony. When asked about the talks, ESPN spokesperson Chris LaPlaca said that discussions are “very, very exploratory in nature,” and that “there are no formal discussions taking place.”

Apple recently acquired internet video recommendation engine and is said to be considering a TV-based event in November, fuelling speculation that a major new TV product is being developed in secret.

(source: Macworld)

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