Netflix has over 1.5 million subscribers in the UK

Netflix now has over 1.5 million UK subscribers to its video on demand service and may soon hit two million.

netflix-logoNetflix has grown to almost two million UK subscribers since it launched in January last year. The streaming video service passed the 1.5 million mark in the last month and is believed to be almost at two million paying customers in the UK. Internationally, there are almost 40 million subscribers, with the US market making up about 30 million of the total.

The figures come from a report by Enders Analysis – Netflix itself keeps its viewer numbers close to its collective chest. ”Netflix is still something of the silent intruder in the UK,” said Enders’ Toby Syfret. “While BT Sport makes all the headlines, Netflix has released almost nothing publicly since announcing last August that it had broken the one million barrier.”

The growth comes after a year of Netflix working hard to win over new customers by launching its own original programming, including a remake of House Of Cards, which was enormously popular. Recent viewing figures will have benefited from the final season of US crime drama Breaking Bad, which is exclusively available in the UK via Netflix, just a day after it goes out in the US.

(source: Guardian)

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