Vevo to bring music videos to Apple TV and Samsung

Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV platform could soon have 24-hour streaming music videos courtesy of Vevo.

vevo_roku_channelRoku users got a new source of high-quality music videos last year as Vevo came to the platform in app form. Now Apple TV and Samsung Smart TV owners could get access to something similar.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Vevo is in talks with both Apple and Samsung to bring its brand of on-demand music videos and live performances to both platforms both as an on-demand app and as a 24-hour music channel. Vevo is a joint venture from several major music labels including Sony and Universal. It offers over 50,000 music videos, documentaries and live concerts.

As well as apps for on-demand videos, the deal could also include access to Vevo TV, a 24-hour streaming music video channel much in the mould of the old-style MTV (before that became a channel devoted to reality TV). Vevo TV is currently a US-only service but a UK launch is rumoured for the near future.

You can currently access Vevo on the web (this seems to work from the UK too) as well as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Google TV, Boxee, Roku and the Xbox 360. Vevo also licenses may music videos to YouTube and receives a cut of any advertising revenue raised.

(source: Bloomberg)

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