Netflix smartens up instant queue with My List

Netflix is revamping its Instant Queue to-watch-list by rebranding it as My List and adding the ability to automatically prioritise films and shows based on your viewing habits.

netflix-logoThe Netflix Instant Queue is a holdover from the service’s DVD-by-mail days. Viewers could tag films they wanted to watch and add  them to a list that would be delivered when the DVDs became available. To streaming users the list is less useful so Netflix have decided to change things and add some analysis of the kind of things you like to watch.

When you add a film to your My List, as it is now known, it wont just be popped on to the end of a queue. Instead, Netflix will shuffle your watch list based on the kind of films and TV it thinks you like. The things it thinks you might want to see next will be bumped up to the top while choices that don’t seem to fit your profile will be pushed down.

My List will notify you when new episodes of a show you have on your list are available. It will also alert you whenever something that you have expressed an interest in watching is about to disappear from the Netflix library so you can try to watch it before the deadline.

My List is on by default but if you prefer the old-style queue you can disable the automated reshuffling in your preferences.

(via PC Advisor)

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