Hollywood studios could bypass Sky Movies, research claims

The days of Sky Movies acting as a ‘gateway’ to films may be numbered, according to new research.

SkyMoviesLogoHollywood studios could cut out the middleman and deal directly with UK consumers using their own streaming services, according to new research by IHS Electronics & Media. Pay-TV services like Sky Movies may soon no longer be necessary as more consumersare able to access online streams.

Although studios earn a significant amount from putting their movies on services like Sky Movies, IHS says that by dealing directly with between 2.7 and 4.3 million subscribers it could earn roughly the same amount.

IHS admits that the infrastructure required is not quite there yet as the services in place do not currently reach enough consumers to make up for the loss of revenue that would result in dumping Sky et al. It does however think that HBO is nearly there and could act as a catalyst for change.

(source IPTV)

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