Tesco to launch Hudl tablet

Tesco is to launch Hudl, its own Android tablet that will offer fast access to its Blinkbox movie streaming service.

tescoTesco is to launch its own tablet that will focus on streaming video, to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7, which is in part a conduit for Google Play’s multimedia store. Hudl is said to be a a 7 inch tablet that will feature the Blinkbox video streaming service, which Tesco co-owns, front and centre.

No operating system or price point has been revealed as yet but the smart money would be on the easily-adaptable Android OS, which ought to make the tablet an attractive proposition for consumers who are maybe not that enthused (yet?) about Blinkbox’s delights. Some analysts think it could sell for around £100, possibly online only as Tesco has recently announced a scaling-back of its in-store consumer electronics.

Blinkbox is currently available on PC, Mac, PS3, iPad and Smart TVs from LG and Samsung. Tesco’s ambitions may not stop at the Hudl tablet however – the Hudl trademark was registered last year and could cover a number of products, including TV set-top boxes.

(via Guardian)

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