Chromecast protocols reverse-engineered

A mobile developer has reverse-engineered the streaming protocols used by Chromecast, allowing any video or audio to be streamed to the TV dongle.

chromecastChromecast seems to have caught the imaginations of Android developers. Last week we say Cheapcast, which turned any Android phone, tablet of other device into an ersatz Chromecast dongle. Now another mobile developer has cracked the code that Google uses to allow approved apps to send video to the little device.

AirCast is the first app that developer Koushik Dutta has created using the reverse-engineered code. The app, which Dutta says will ‘self destruct’ in a few days, will allow any photos or video to be sent from the Android Gallery or Dropbox by pretending to be one of the apps on Google’s whitelist allowed to speak to the dongle.

Dutta says he wants to get the app out to as many users as possible in this unfinished beta form so he can iron out any bugs and add requested features. It is possible that Google may make some changes to the Chromecast code to prevent his technique from working, but that will require an update to the dongle’s OS.

(source: Gizmodo)

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