Twitter to show TV Trends

Twitter is testing a ‘TV Trending’ box in its mobile app that will show you the TV shows currently obsessing other users.

twittertv-trend-2It is no secret that Twitter has recognised the value of TV viewers in its business model. Tweeting about what is on TV is becoming one of the most popular uses of the social media app and the company is keen to find ways to exploit this.

Some users of the iOS Twitter app have begun to notice a change in the the top of their timelines – a box that shows one of the TV programmes currently trending on Twitter, which links to more information about that show. By tapping the box (which can be closed if you don’t care about the show in question) you will be shown more details about the show as well as current popular tweets relating to it.

The feature seems to be US-only at the moment and only a handful of users have reported seeing the box, indicating that this is some kind of randomized trial, which is a common way for Twitter to test new features. What the new box will mean for services like Zeebox which leverage Twitter remains to be seen, although at first glance Twitter’s implementation looks a lot simpler than Zeebox’s approach.

(via TechCrunch)

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