Sony to fight Xbox One with own TV plans

Sony plans to beat Microsoft at its own game by launching paid Digital TV services for the PlayStation 4.

playstation-4-logoSony isn’t going to take Microsoft’s assault on the living rooms of the world lying down. The Xbox One is said to be as much a media device as a games console – to the vocal dismay of many hardcore gamers – and Sony has made PR hay by stressing the gaming aspects of its next-generation console. That doesn’t mean Sony wants to give Microsoft the edge when it comes to video, however.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a deal has been cut between Sony and Viacom which will give the PS4 access to the media company’s stable of channels, including Nickelodeon and the MTV network. Although the deal has been led by Sony’s games division the content will also be available for some of Sony’s digital and Smart TVs. Sony is also reportedly in talks with Disney, ESPN, Warner, HBO and CBS all of which could add up to quite the formidable library of TV content.

“While Sony would need to strike other programming deals to create a compelling alternative to conventional pay-TV services, even a single deal represents a big shift within the entertainment industry,” says the Wall Street Journal. “Big channel owners have been reluctant to license their programs to Internet-TV services for fear of undercutting the lucrative arrangements they have with cable, satellite and phone companies.”

(via: MCV)


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