Microsoft wants to reboot Blake’s 7

Microsoft may reboot the BBC Sci-Fi drama Blake’s 7 as original content for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

blakes-7-logo-570x4271Microsoft has long been synonymous with the word ‘reboot’ but soon that link may be more positive if reports that the software giant is about to take the Blake’s 7 franchise back from the SyFy channel, where it had been languishing. SyFy was due to update the classic BBC drama, but it seems Microsoft may step in and claim it for its own stable of original content.

The original Blake’s 7 was an odd mix of morally complex space opera with exceedingly wobbly special effects. It is unknown how the reboot will differ from the original but the 1970/80s series had enough characters and ambiguous motivations to give the new writers something to work with.

The FT reports that Microsoft plans to make Blake’s 7 part of its stable of original content that it is building up for streaming via Xbox Live. At its Xbox One launch event in May, Microsoft also revealed that it would be working with Steven Spielberg on a new original series based on the popular Xbox games franchise, Halo.

(source: BBC)

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